Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Post

Another blog. After years of poking at blogging software (Drupal, different Nukes, MT, GeekLog, etc), I've decided not to invest anymore time is investigating software. Instead, my limited blogging time, I should invest in content.

And while I've always know content to be king, I've never practiced what I preach. Instead I usually get caught up in the solving the puzzle of installing and running different pieces of software. And while that is a worth while endeavor, I no longer have the extra amount for those pursuits.

I've started using Google's services for some of my mail hosting, and have been pleased. So, it's about time I tried out's blogging software.

So here I come Brave new world of blogging. This blog is primarily a tool for myself, but I hope anything I contribute will be useful for others.

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